Remanufactoring begins with removing the decanter or separator first. All parts are cleaned, repaired and / or replaced during removal. They are then mounted in a remanufactured centrifuge with excellent working conditions, such as new parts / Bowl, Spindle, etc. produced with their own material.

The difference between a centrifuge to be purchased and a revamped centrifuge is the price. The functionality, quality and warranty of a revamped centrifuge is equal to that of a brand new purchased centrifuge’s.

The difference between a centrifuge used in any enterprise and a centrifuge which has undergone a revision is more important. Below you will find the table detailing the difference between revised centrifuges and used centrifuges.

Centriplus offers its customers fully revised centrifuges. It is also revising the existing centrifuge of a customer. This means that the centrifuge, which is currently in use, can be used for many years. Revision of a centrifuge has the following benefits:

• Extends equipment life
• Improves the use of existing centrifuge
• Saves money compared to new purchases
• Increases supply options
• Delivery is fast
• Increases transport for spare parts
• Provides application of proven process work