Centriplus offers its customers extensive workshop services ranging from minor repairs to machine remanufacturing. Designed to finish all foreign dependence, our Centriplus Aydın facility includes all mechanical, manufacturing, automation, balancing, sandblasting and painting features to meet the needs of our customers. We also accelerate the delivery times of the revision procedures for our customers who need immediate assistance.

Workshop Operations:

• Pre-determining by timely review
• Small and Large Revisions
• Control Services
• Feasibility Spin Tests
• Vertical and horizontal balancing
• Disc sets and set pressures
• Complete remanufacturing
• Frequency converter direct drive systems
• Single board and complex board productions
• Temporary and Rental Seperators, Decanters
• Special Automation Packages

Centriplus has a wide range of leased machinery, which allows customers to eliminate the loss of production time as required revisions are completed. Our revision and remanufacturing services can add a lifetime to your centrifuge equipment.